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The company was founded in 1997 – at the dawn of the NPL business – as Argo Ge.Re.Cre. Srl (Credit Recovery Management) by Gordana Kaitovic Lupi with the aim of dealing with impaired loans in all respects and thus becoming a valid support not only for banks and finance companies, but also for commercial companies.

In 1999 Argo was among the founding members of the UNIREC trade association. Subsequently, it expanded into the world of finance by purchasing a financial company ex 106 TUB with which in the first two years of its existence it securitized credits, purchased from one of the major Italian financial institutions, for a gross value of 900 million euros.

Today, Argo is projecting itself into the future with an ambitious market expansion project, creating a network of affiliated companies that shine in offering support, debt collection, direct acquisitions and through investment vehicles, as well as all-round management of investment portfolios. NPL. Her tenacity and entrepreneurial spirit continue to guide her towards new horizons of success and growth.


Via Cola di Rienzo, 180, 00192 Rome RM, Italy

+39 06 68135071

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