ARGO Ge.Re.Cre.
ARGO GE.RE.CRE. srl is an Italian credit collection company, active in the global NPL market with a sound experience of 20 years. We’re involved in purchasing and management of NPL portfolios, market research, trading, and management of assets as well as investments.

Our Numbers

We operate effortlessly in the primary and secondary market of secured and unsecured loans.
We’re specialized even in the acquisition of problematic portfolios that we manage with a method of segmentation and cost-cutting, making them once more performing.
These features of ours and the seriousness of our know-how have made us proudly earn our clients’ trust, allowing us to successfully manage portfolios for a total value of € 461.000.000.

Who Trusts Us

 Bank - Unicredit
Ist. Italiano di Credito Fondiario S.p.A. (Italfondiario)
 Bank - BCC - Banca di Credito Coop.
Eurofinance&Securities PLC
Telecom Italia S.p.A.
 Bank - Findomestic
Encyclopaedia Britannica L.T.D.
 Fidiconsulting S.A.
Diners Club International
Citifin Finanziaria S.p.A.
 Bank - Banca OPI
Gruppo Finanziario Italiano S.p.A.
Berner S.p.A.
 Bank - Banca Cras
Finanziaria Generale S.p.A.


  • La tutela del credito dentro e fuori le aule

    La tutela del credito dentro e fuori le aule

    L’esperto risponde: Argo Ge.Re.Cre. srl

    Il credito è prima di tutto un valore, un valore esigibile. La recessione economica che ha colpito il mercato globale ha fatto dei crediti deteriorati, per alcuni, la nuova corsa all’oro. La Argo Ge.Re.Cre. srl opera da vent’anni...
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